Your fertility specific, 3 week cleanse. 

The Fertility Enhancement System is your complete, proven fertility cleanse program

This 3 week program will help you maximize your fertility potential and support you to conceive your healthy baby faster.


Hi, I'm Natalie Pickering


Naturopath, Herbalist, Natural Fertility Specialist and Conception Mentor.  

Personal cheer leader or butt kicker when required! I'm also a nature lover, a book worm, weekend gardener, tea snob, FIFO wife and Mumma of two gorgeous girls.

My journey to motherhood wasn't smooth and easy either.  

With a history of PCOS and recurrent miscarriage, I knew it would take great effort for me to realize my dream. I researched, learned from the best mentors and experts and read every piece of information I could get my hands on. Now, I consider myself absolutely blessed to be the mother of two wonderful daughters.  

I have had the honour and pleasure of supporting hundreds of couples through their struggles in infertility to conceive and carry their healthy babies in my clinic.

The development of The Fertility Enhancement System has been a labour of love, I'm so happy to be making it available to couples who are trying to conceive!

Why should I complete a fertility cleanse ? 

A fertility specific cleanse will support you to -

  • Optimize the foundations of your fertility at a cellular level.  
  • Boost egg and sperm quality, increasing the chances of conception and full term pregnancy.
  • Create the ideal environment for successful implantation and increase the chances of success each cycle. 
  • Give your baby the very best possible genetic blueprint and health potential for his or her whole life!

The Fertility Enhancement System is a 3 week fertility cleanse program.  

It includes everything you need for a successful, safe, effective cleanse. Included in the program is a 20 page Guidebook, a 10 page Tips and Tricks for Success guide, your meal planners, shopping lists and recipes for the 3 weeks AND a 19 page printable workbook to help you get clear on your intentions, get your head in the game and maintain your commitment.  

The benefits of the Fertility Enhancement System-

When you take the time to cleanse your cells and tissues of the toxins proven to lower your fertility, you will enormously increase your ability to conceive and carry to term a healthy happy baby! The Fertility Enhancement System has supported hundreds of couples through their fertility obstacles and on to make their dreams of becoming parents a reality.  

Not only will you feel and look fabulous! You'll also-

  • Improve your hormone balance. 
  • Reduce any inflammation in your body, (inflammation is a known fertility obstacle)
  • Reset insulin sensitivity- fundamental for egg and sperm quality and implantation success).
  • Increase egg and sperm quality.
  • Reduce the risk of miscarriage.
  • Maximize your fertility potential, reduce the time it takes to conceive your baby.
  • Improve the health potential of your soon-to-be-conceived baby.


Included in the Fertility Enhancement System-

  • The Guidebook
  • The Workbook
  • The FES Tips, Tricks and Hacks 
  • The Meal Planner, Recipes and Shopping List
  • The Fertility Boosting Lemon Smoothie

A page from The Guidebook - 20+ pages of vital information to support you to successfully reset your fertility.

A recipe from the 3 week Meal plan, Shopping List and Recipe book. All planned and organised for your convenience.

Ready to get started?

If you're ready to reset, reclaim and renew your fertility, The Fertility Enhancement System is the best first step you can take! 

The couples I work with who dive in and commit to the cleanse, are the couples who breakthrough the big fertility obstacles and celebrate their conception sooner!

If you are just starting the conception journey, I congratulate you on taking the first step to massively boost your chances of a faster conception, a full term pregnancy and a healthy, happy baby.

For those of you I havent met yet, please get in contact if you feel ready for a super personalized experience and deeper support on the way to parenthood.

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